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Beyoncé’s full performance at the 2014 VMA’s

Play this at my funeral.

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What is impossible with man is possible with God

Luke 18:27

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People really have a disconnect when it comes to things said on the internet and real life like these aren't two separate things like after someone says some racist shit on the internet they don't change into a different person after getting off

Asked by thatdudeemu

exactly. being on the internet is like a safe haven to these racist white people. they can say all the racist thoughts that keep them warm at night without any of the repercussions 

they make racist comments because they are racist. period.

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i think the only thing scarier than reading the comments white people make in youtube videos

is the realization that these people are real and walk among us

the same disgusting degenerate people spreading racist filth

could be your boss, neighbor, professor, dentist

your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse

it’s terrifying

that they get to hide behind anonymity 

and live their lives

no one the wiser of just how racist they are

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Protest, BBQ, Voter Reg, Music— community is alive and well in Ferguson. #staywoke #insolidarity #farfromover

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Fuck this

Is there… a problem, bitch?

This is a change from what u normally see lls

I agree yaass


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victims of the 90’s

Why is Hermione’s skin black o_o ? I am troubled here

Why wouldn’t she be? No where in the books did it say she was white. Also, why the idea of a black Hermione trouble you so much?

Now you know you cant have Black people in headcanons unless the book explicitly says she was a colored negro afro american chocolate ebony girl….

and her skin isn’t black her skin is brown, you ignorant fool

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My fat little sausage
Sitting in her chair

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just the cutest!

black mommy daughter excellence

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"A world of growth and early pregnancy made me face many insecurities. #1 being the changes OF my body going from a World of partying and drug abuse to motherhood. Accepting the changes my body went through took many hears. I never was ashamed of the scars. They served as remainders.
A: I am a survivor. Going on 4 years of sobriety now.
B: I sacrificed everything including my body for the health and well being of the baby who grew inside of me
There is a little bit of faith in knowing a mother’s love can overcome so much for the sake of the life of another human. I encourage women to love their bodies. Love can and will fill your life with so much possibility if we let it.” Submission from @monirehhealthyadventurer

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Daddy duties

black father excellence

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Black Teen Birth Rate Plummets to a Historic All-Time Low. Don’t let them try to put you down and lie to you any longer! Bill O’Reilly can kiss my ass



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