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I was writing my english paper on the sexualization of black woman and I kept thinking about what you said "Until you treat black women right, everything you touch will crumble". Thank you.

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glad i could help :)

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Love seeing as many spiritual vegan/vegetarian blogs as possible! :D!

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and no i’m not the poster child for black love

but i am the poster child for being patient and allowing God to bless me by placing people into my life even when i didn’t think it was possible

i did not go looking for my boyfriend

in fact, i didn’t pray about getting one or ask God to send me one

i was set on focusing on my career and told myself i would just adopt once i turn 30 and raise a child on my own

and even when i didn’t realize it, God is working on my behalf

making moves in one direction while i was moving in the other

long story short

yes, you may believe it’s impossible

that there will never be a person for you

that there will never be a person that gets you and is attracted to you and wants you

but isn’t it wonderful that we’re not the one’s in charge? because that negative attitude would leave is in such a state

thank God He steps in and gives us what we deserve

even when we’re too stubborn to realize it

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dear past me

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dear past me,

you have this image of the woman you want to be. congratulations, in the future you will be the woman you’ve always dreamed of

oh yeah

plus you have a boyfriend who’s amazing and you want to marry. i know i know, we swore them off. boys are a distraction.

but this one is a man. and you will thank God everyday you’ve found him.

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i would see being with someone that doesn’t fulfill you and who is beneath your standards

as more of a waste of time

than just being alone

i would rather be alone and growing

than stagnant and with someone because i didn’t want to be alone

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it’s sad that we feel like if we don’t have someone then we have nothing


even when you are alone

you have something

you have yourself

i pray that you get to the point where having yourself

is more than enough for you

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I love how Tumblr keeps me posted on black success, because you won’t hear it on the regular news. I’m extremely proud of all these stories i’ve been reading about black high school students getting into not one, but multiple ivy league schools. 


How dudes act when they think the gf found out they cheated

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How niggas be when they gettin twerked on

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This Vine is Just Perfection

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My gawd


watch this

this about sums up everything that needs to be said about new blacks

excellent. well put

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[Florals For Spring | What a novel concept :) ] 


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i have developed terrible habits and justify them by saying i make sacrifices so that i may be successful in school

my first year of LS is down

now the focus is on breaking those habits and developing the mechanisms for balancing a busy life with a healthy life

in other words

it’s time to grow up

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There are a number of ways to improve simply falling asleep. If you need a chemical boost to get you on the right track, I take a very small dose/pill of melatonin, or I used to. Stay out of your bedroom as much as possible and certainly DO NOT touch your bed until you are actually going to bed; this should train your body well. Drink a nice glass of water before bed, STREEEEETCH, and no carbs after 7. You prob already do this stuff but they are pretty important for optimal sleep ^^ good luck!

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Thank you. I appreciate the tips. The issue is that I don’t fall asleep, not that i can’t, so the pills wouldn’t work for me.but no carbs after 7 and staying it if bed until it’s time for bed would just be good habits for me to practice.
Thank you :)

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