Young Black and Vegan

Mar 30

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!

On March 30, 1989 at 4:40 pm, my mother gave birth to me, her little miracle baby.


I’m still taking a break from tumblr, so I’ve queued this post in anticipation. I don’t know what I’ll be doing on my birthday, but I know that I will greet 25 with love, fierce love, feeling blessed and ready for the years to come. 

I hope you’re all doing well! I’ll be back April 17

Stay blessed followers :)

Mar 05

Taking a Break from Tumblr for Lent

See you on April 17, 2014

Stay blessed :)

Anonymous asked: How would you describe being in love? Like what does it feel like to you?

It feels like pure joy. It doesn’t hurt, it isn’t difficult, it doesn’t cost me anything. It’s just a full heart and a joy that I’ve never felt before.

Anonymous asked: When do you envision yourself getting married?

Once I’m done with law school and he’s done with grad school. So, 3-4 years, God willing

Anonymous asked: How did you and your love meet?

We met at a church bbq on labor day 2012

Mar 04

Anonymous asked: Hey!!! I'm in a relationship now, and we've both agreed no sex until marriage. How do you and your boyfriend keep that promise to God? Especially being in a ldr? Like examples of ways to keep the relationship exciting, I guess? Thank you for answering!!!! (:

It’s really not that hard and the choice to abstain was not difficult because it wasn’t just our choice to make, but what the Lord guided us to do. Not having sex has caused us to be intimate in other ways. Spiritually and emotionally, we are closer to each other more than any one on earth. He’s my boyfriend, but he’s my best friend, my partner in crime. I love spending time with him, doing new things but also doing the things that feel so familiar and comforting. Things are exciting because every day I realize new things about him and new ways to love him. I do not feel like anything is missing. In fact, my relationship fills me in a way that is hard to describe because I’ve never felt this way before. Loving him is easy and yes, I do have times when I just want to jump his bones and do stuff to his beard. But we’re working towards something amazing. And that’s pretty exciting to me.

defyingstandard asked: That question about beyonce being a role model to black girls is so coincidental to me. I just attended a forum this evening about whether or not beyonce could be considered a feminist. Within that forum it was brought up that beyonce really doesn't do much to proclaim or reach out to black woman/girlhood. In fact she does things deliberately to negate the black image of herself. Including allowing her skin to be lightened. Her focus is often on woman power rather than black woman power.

Then don’t look to her as a role model. I’m not getting into this because I’ve addressed this before, but I think she’s a role model. You do not have to agree, but I’ve made my perspective clear

Anonymous asked: I just turned 20 and I've never been in love or even been with some intimately. I feel like I'm not living my life. Like I'm just going with the motions; school, work, family. It literally makes me so sad to know that no one has ever loved me. But I'm the type if person to play it off like it's not a big deal. I'm sorry, I have no idea why I'm telling you this. You just seem like someone with a huge heart that gives dope advise.

I didn’t fall in love until I was 24, didn’t meet the man of my dreams until I was 23. Even still, there are people who don’t find love until they are in their 30s, 40s, etc. Love has no timeline
I urge you to focus less on what you don’t have and appreciate what you do. There are people who love you with everything they have. Not being in a relationship doesn’t mean you are not loved
You should focus on preparing your heart for love and preparing to give love. Busy yourself making you a better you and you won’t be just waiting for love, but actively living when love is ready to find you

Anonymous asked: When is lent? And what are you giving up Nissi?

Starts tomorrow, ends April 17
I’m giving up chocolate and tumblr

Anonymous asked: I love your blog a lot on ordinary days But you blog is my very favorite thing during awards shows

Really? I don’t really watch the award shows. I only turned it on to see Lupita win this year


Anonymous asked: Hi Nissi, hoping you can give me a bit of advice. I have been living a vegan lifestyle for the last month. I finally told one group of my friends (when they asked me why I wasn't eating more) and they basically mocked me. I got very defensive and I was rude. Did you have handle any shade for going vegan? How would you/did you handle it? I don't want to alienate my friends but it makes me angry that I have to defend a personal (and good) decision?

na my friends don’t really go in on me. many of them are actually quite accommodating, making sure i have food options when we go out. i have a few people crack jokes, but my friends tend to crack on each other all the time so i don’t take it seriously. they know that my decision is important to me, and they respect that choice because they respect me





Anonymous asked: For lent I am giving up negative criticisms and negative thoughts. I am too critical of everything, especially myself. I used to be a very positive person but in the past couple of years I have sunk into a dark place and I am going to change that! I don't think it's going to happen over night, I will have to work hard at it but if I focus on the many blessings in my life I will do it!

that is an amazing goal! i really wish you all the best and success on this endeavor. positive thinking can really change your life

Anonymous asked: I'm giving up tumblr

me too nonny