Do you have anything to say at all about that abortion question? Why didn't you try to explain God's viewpoint?

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Have you spoken to God? Did He tell you exactly how He feels?
Because He most certainly has not told me. And I’m not in the business of speaking for God.
I know my perspective and I know I would not make that choice. But I’m not going to pretend to speak on God’s behalf.
But feel free to do that on your blog though

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aaahhhh wtf nissi your baby spam is exacerbating my baby fever so much :( hahaha all these cute ass brown children

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What’s that you said? More baby pictures ?? I got you fam Lol

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your post about God knowing the way and putting smiles on peoples' faces made me tear up. Thank you for that. I needed to hear (see) that reassurance. So I appreciate it a lot. You're awesome <3

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Aww hun. Sometimes it’s the little things that put life into perspective. Glad I could help love :)

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Since we are on the topic of interracial relationships what do you think when blacks are in relationships with other minorities. I'm black and my boyfriend is hispanic (not the white hispanic lol) and he's not ignorant to black issues which is what I like . Blacks and hispanics are both very discriminated and it's so easy for me to discuss race and white privilege with him. He understands sort of.,, that's why when it comes to IR dating I wish some black folks wouldn't just overlook minorities..

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What is your question?

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Too many anons in your ask have a problem with mixed black folk more or so light skin black folk to specific. It's really saddening seeing black folk hate on other black folk. Look at what colorism, white supremacy has done to us...but anyways it's nice seeing black folk like you who are confident, self loving (which is very hard thing for a lot of people) who support black love, but also black folk loving non black folk, and mixed children! You go Nissi!😄😄

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Thank you my dear
It’s also just wild to me
I’m surrounded by black people who are married to other black people, raising black kids. It wasn’t until I got on here that I realized people were actually excited about eradicating blackness. Before I just thought it was “love who you love” only to see people actively hating themselves and wanting only mixed kids with the purpose of limiting blackness. I’d heard of it growing up, people saying “I want a baby with good hair”and things like that. But that was the minority.
I didn’t realize it’s as pervasive as it is. Sad stuff

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If you had kids. Would you care if they didn't believe?

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Are you asking if my kids grew up and weren’t Christian would I care?
Of course I would care. But I also know that being a parent ask you can do is raise them the best they can. If they grew up and chose to not practice, I would care. But I wouldn’t disown them and I’d love them just the same. But yea, I’d care. Probably think I did something wrong

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My beautiful friend Sequoia brought her baby Jose to the property review session tonight
He was such the little angel and was quiet the whole class, while being wide awake
I couldn’t believe it! 5 months old and not a peep!
Until the professor started to talk about the rule of perpetuity and in the hypo he mentioned the word “baby”
And it was like he thought “he’s talking about me! It’s my time to shine!”
And he just started talking back to the professor
Just cooing and giggling and sucking on his fists and feet
Sequoia took him out and gave him to me and that sweet little boy stole my heart
I still have no clue how to apply the role of perpetuity
But I know for sure I want at least 47 kids
At least!

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A Christian, who believes in abortion? Why would God bless you with a child if he wanted you to kill it, doesn't everyone deserve a chance? Doesn't God have a plan for everyone?

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If you don’t believe in abortions, don’t get one.

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My heart!

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Yari in the cart like a big boy in my hat 😚

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Look at lil man’s tum tum!

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Little does he know…. It’s bed time 😁

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My daughter :)

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