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Response to Why Telling People to Go Vegan Is Often Racist and Classist

"my whole point is that for many people of color, the idea of "choice" in food is a luxury. if you are on welfare, you have to eat what the government has decided is allowed to be a part of the welfare system. when you send your kids to poor schools, where the consider pizza and ketchup actual vegetables, there is no choice. when you are living on a budget, you cook what you can afford.

when you don’t have the means, there are no healthy options. which is why i get frustrated when people look at PoC and see that they tend to have worse health conditions and are over weight and think that this is because they don’t make the right choices. for many people, choice is a luxury”

it’s a cycle. tracing as far back to colonial times, PoC were given scraps and were told to make due. and then years later, people point to PoC with a pathology that portrays them as ignorant for making the wrong choices, when for centuries they were not given a choice. we don’t live in a vacuum. the circumstances of life now are a direct reflection of racist practices in the past

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    After some reflection during the Animal Rights conference I attended, I realized the truth of this issue. However, I...
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