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Hi! I want to straighten my hair soon, I've been natural for 4 years and I've tried to straighten it before but it always comes out dry, or stiff or just not cute! Do you have any tips and trick you would like to share with me?

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Hello lovely!

My flat ironing routine is a 2 day long process. It’s mad intricate and long, but has helped me to not ever ever ever have heat damage and to keep my hair flowy and with movement.


Here are just some tips that I live by

  1. Deep condition your hair before hand. When you flat iron your hair, you will be staying away from moisture as much as possible. Take time to infuse your hair with moisture to maintain suppleness and avoid dry, breakage prone hair. I suggest a cholesterol conditioner, not a protein conditioner, and some aloe vera juice if you can find it. If you can do it over night your hair will love you forever
  2. Minimize the heat to your hair. Heat damage to natural hair is as bad as chemical damage from a perm. So minimizing how much heat you use is best. Many natural hair lovelies think more heat, the more it will last. But that’s not the case. I air dry my hair with curlers before I use a flat iron. This minimizes damage from a blow dryer and helps keep cuticles down, which keeps hair shiny.
  3. Comb chase. When actually flat ironing, be patient. Use small one inch sections. Detangle the section and using a comb with the flat iron, putting the comb before the flat iron, detangle as you flat iron so each strand gets the heat.
  4. Flat iron on the lowest heat setting with max 3 passes.
  5. Cut your ends. Lots of people flat iron their hair to see the length of their hair. But damaged ends can make hair look awful at any length. If your ends are raggedy, they cannot be repaired and it is stopping your hair growth. Cut em off!
  6. Seal your ends with oil.At night. A light oil. Coconut, Almond or Jojoba
  7. Each night, roll your hair up in curlers. This maintains the straight hair without having to touch up your hair with a flat iron over and over again

Gosh, I could go on. But hopefully this helps :)

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