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Ok I'm 15. I know I'm young and stuff, but with me being a individual who is vegan, African American supporter and advocate, natural and I guess a flower child, do you think I won't be appealing to black men? Like am I too weird? I have a deep mind and soul and my friends say that black men would never date a girl my skin complexion who acts the way I do. Let me know if you're confused lol.

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oh my dear, you need not worry about such things. i am a black vegan with natural hair and an activist very vocal about her beliefs and i have never had an issue with black men being interested in me

funny thing is, you’re not weird at all. society will have you thinking that only white people are vegan, and that being a woman who is vocal about her beliefs is weird. but you aren’t. there are many women like you, and yet you are still unique, and that uniqueness will attracts all kinds of men.

i am currently dealing with a guy who embraces all the things im passionate about. he loves that i am some what of what other people would think on the surface would qualify me as a black hippie. but he just sees me as me, wonderful me, and he’s as wrapped up in me as i am with him.

do not fret my dear. amazing people attract other amazing people; what you believe will not cause men to be repelled from you and may even be the reason they are drawn to you :)

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