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the number one thing that attracted me to my boyfriend was that he is a man of character. consistently, he strives to be better. when i first met him, he was already doing great things in school  and had a job. his passion and drive to be a better person, to be a better man blew me away. but as time went forward he was seeking more and more ways to build and grow. he went from undergrad to grad school, from one job to two jobs, from going to church to teaching sunday school, from hanging out with the men of the church to working to fortify the men’s ministry. in my life i’ve always been a hard worker, but i’ve never met a man who inspired me with his work ethic. and he continues to push and grow. he’s a man that effortlessly seeks God. and when things get rough, he’ll say “i think i’m going to start a new bible study” or “i’m going to start fasting next week and increase my bible study.” doing good and doing what’s right is just in him. in his blood and in his veins. his insistence on cultivating himself, his relationships, his spirituality, makes him a man of substance. independent of the good he does by and with me, just as a man, he stands as a man of character. that alone is the reason why i am drawn to him.

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since it’s neo season

here’s me last year with my line sisters after brining in a new crop of dynamic women

praying that all the pros who are bringing in neos take their charge very seriously and remember to never forget the legacy of our founders in and the importance of building these women up to prepare them for the future


p.s. my line sisters are fine as hell

S.S. A.L.L.U.R.I.N.G. Fall 2010

#4 S.O.U.L.

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torturing myself by watching wedding shows on tlc

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Happy Charter Day to the TAntalaizing women of the Theta Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.! On January 9, 1971, this amazing chapter was created and since then, they have been doing amazing work on the yard at Northwestern University. Amazing women have come through Theta Alpha, including Mara Brock Akil, amazing lawyers, teachers, journalists, writers, nurses, doctors and of course, ME!!! I’m so proud to have crossed the burning sands through this chapter.

All of my love sorors! OO-OOP!

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2013 - The year of the Short and Sweet

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Camera: Photo Booth
Exif Data Zoom it isn’t Christmas eve without your favorite ugly sweater lol :)

it isn’t Christmas eve without your favorite ugly sweater lol :)

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hard to take pictures when you live alone lol

but here’s what i wore to meet his parents on Thanksgiving.

i think they approved :)

(not pictured: white and grey “snake skin” loafers”)

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realizing my tagged/nissi page is light


random picture of me and my neo

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27, 12, 17

Asked by tyrellstyles-deactivated2013080

27: Worst sexual idea you ever had:

man, the worst idea i ever had when it came to sex was having ice cream and whipped cream put all over my body and licked off and what not

sure, it sounds good in theory, but it gets messy and sticky and gross and sprinkles get into all kinds of places


nuh uh

never again lol

12: Is one orgasm enough? Are multiple orgasms necessary?

one is more than enough. i have these very powerful orgasms that knock me out for the whole rest of the day. one is way more than enough. the times that ive had 2 were great, but then im spent for like 2 days. na man, i’m cool with one really big one. and it’s usually after he has his, because i have to tap out after mine lol

17: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]


my grandma used to teach us “never give a man something you haven’t tasted first” i’m sure she was talking about cooking but….

i’m fucking delicious lol

nom nom nom

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Camera: http://photogrid.org
Exif Data Zoom Out to a lounge with the girls
This was my look for the night
My attempt at looking classy :)

Out to a lounge with the girls
This was my look for the night
My attempt at looking classy :)

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What were your high school years like? Were you a good student? popular? play sports? go out a lot?

Asked by cottonginandjuice

in high school i was a quiet nerd that also was a varsity athlete and president and members of student groups. in high school it was the first time i realized that although i was an introvert, people were drawn to me and i was always called to lead. i preferred to be on the side lines, but always ended up in charge of stuff. i was also very pro black in high school which made for…interesting interactions at a predominately white school. i really did stay to myself when i could.

i wouldn’t say i was popular, but i had my circle of friends in school. my closest friends were outside the school.

and i “went out” relatively a lot. my mom trusted me because i had such good grades, so i got away with murder. so i used to go to parties, i used to have all kinds of boy drama. i used to sneak out. but it never interfered with my school work so my mom never really found out

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Heading to Howard is always amazing. Standing in the foot steps of our founders, I’m in awe of all the beautiful Delta women. My pros, my ship and my neos, in front of Fortitude

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What sisterhood looks like. I am the woman I am today because the women that crossed before me paved the way, the women that crossed with me supported me and the women that crossed after me continue to inspire me. #ThetaAlphaMade

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the more that i learn

the more i realize

that ignorance really is bliss.

knowing about the suffering of mines,

of people that look like me

sometimes keeps me up at night.

i get overwhelmed and sick to my stomach

because it feels like,

no matter how hard we work, how hard we love, how hard we survive

we’re always fighting.

our ancestors got no peace,

and we exist today

with restless bones.

i wish i didn’t know as much as i know

sleep would come


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Everybody, meet my boyfriend, Idris. Every Sunday we go out and explore Brooklyn. It’s a way to be active, even on my rest day, as well as say good bye to my city before I leave for law school.
Today we visited family and then I found a farmer’s market and just filled up on the juiciest peaches.
And I just rode Idris aaall daaay looong
#yeahisaidit #nissiisaperv #ineedmoreveganfriends

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